Moving can be a painstaking process; especially if you don’t follow a thorough plan. From packing to logistics, having all the steps laid out can not only save time but also perhaps even make the process something you would enjoy. Many of us have endured the challenge of moving from one home to another, in the Greater Male’ area. The struggles of moving into Hiya flats took media by storm. More residents are expected to move into their apartments in the forthcoming months and if you are among them, there are a couple of things you could take note of, in order to be better prepared. First and foremost, plan ahead and start the process as early as you can. You could begin by getting organized with a checklist. The checklist could but not be limited to an inventory list of all the household items that you will be taking to your new home, and the ones you plan to discard.

While we have witnessed many families attempting to complete the finishing works of the apartments after moving in, it is not recommended. Living in an unfinished apartment - one that’s not adequately furnished, or equipped for meals can be frustrating; especially if you need to attend to your daily responsibilities. If possible, doing the finishing and furnishing beforehand is suggested. Since Hiya flats are home to many residents, planning also involves choosing an ideal time for your logistics. Since the elevators are most likely to be occupied by hundreds of residents during the day, choosing an off-peak time could make things much easier. This will not only save your time also ensure the safety of your belongings. Moving does not end with logistics. The real work begins when all the belongings enter through the door. Now you have to begin assembling your furniture: the hammering, drilling, etc. While noise is inevitable, there are a few things you can do to minimize the effect of it on your neighbors. Schedule these activities for daytime, as many of your neighbors will be out of home, and children will also be likely up and about. If you plan ahead, moving can be quite a fun experience and might even present new ideas for furnishing and use of space, and don’t forget to ask your friends to tag along in the moving hustle.