We have opened Request for Proposals (RFP)s for the lease of units for the provision of Tuition and Quran Center from Hiya Commercial area, Hulhumale’ Phase II.


Hiya project consists of 16 towers comprising of 6720 housing units which, at full population, will be catering to around 40,000 people. Ground floor of all towers are dedicated for commercial and institutional uses to cater for the needs of the tenants. Establishment of businesses is to cater the city's ever-growing population, while also adding value and boost commercial activities in Hulhumale’ Phase II.


The selected party will be responsible for the design and operation of the unit for the duration of lease term as per the guidelines set forth by the company. The operation of the unit includes but not limit to management, administration, supervision and maintenance of the unit.

The unit details are as follows:

Unit Number


Unit Area


Tuition and Quran Center

1,026.45 sq.ft.


927.42 sq.ft.


1,096.52 sq.ft.


The lease rate for Year 1 and Year 2 will be fixed at MVR 10.00 per square feet. Interested parties are to propose lease rates for the Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5. The minimal acceptable lease rate per square feet, per month is set at MVR 15.  Parties who are registered in the Ministry of Economic Development will be qualified to apply for the RFP.


The deadline for the proposal is set for 14:00hrs, on 22nd February 2022 (Tuesday). A complete set of Request for Proposal (RFP) document is made available on MyHulhumale’ Properties website and on HDC’s Bids and Proposal Submission Portal at (https://bids.hdc.com.mv/proposals/details/93a8d5d5-9d1d-4884-407a-08d9e40e366d).


We have recently launched the first online bid and proposal submission portal in the Maldives, allowing interested parties to check potential business opportunities and submit bids and proposals free of hassle through the portal. RFP opportunities and proposal forms are now available on the portal.