Hulhumalé is envisioned to acquaint a global lifestyle, focused on investing for the long-term future, nurturing the youthful talent and most of all forming new traditions for the anticipated population. Likewise, our residential complexes such as Vinares offers new meaning to homes.  Homes that have evolved into personal havens where one relaxes and at the same time enjoys in the best possible way. For such an experience, Vinares consists of an exceptional social infrastructure that greatly contributes to the pleasure, convenience and enjoyment of tenants. 

  • Elevators: Each apartment block is equipped with a lobby and two elevators for the convenience of the tenants.
  • Parking – Motorbike and Car: Guarantee a spot for your vehicle at our Parking Area, ensuring security with 24-hour CCTV surveillance.
  • Airconditioning: All the bedrooms and living rooms are equipped with air conditioners.
  • Garbage Chute: Each floor has its own access to the garbage chute, helping you to dispose waste effectively.
  • Security and CCTV Surveillance: CCTV Surveillance, 24-hour security and access card systems at all our towers to ensure you and your family’s safety.
  • Fire and Safety: Provided according to MNDF regulations.
  • All apartments are semi-furnished: Full Kitchen cabinets installed along with sink; laundry & Water heating provision provided.

Vinares accommodates a range of facilities at our commercial spaces to cater to your needs and demands as well. Supermarkets and convenience stores at your doorstep for groceries and other necessities. Cafés and restaurants for your daily cup of coffee, occasional family dine-ins and friendly get togethers. Retail shops for all your favorite brands. In addition to that, Vinares will also have a gym, ATM facilities and office spaces just around the corner.